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SoccerBot – Welcome to the World Cup Match! RC soccer robot game for 2 players. Tackle, Dribble & Shoot… it is the soccer game between you, your opponents, and your soccer robot buddies!

- Set up the soccer field, pair each remote with a robot, and the game starts! Drive, pass, tap, press, and Kick to score!

- Press the “Forward”, “Backward”, “Left” and “Right” button to control the directions where the soccer ball goes; press the “Kick” button and the bot will back up, then speed forward to kick

- Promote hand-eye coordination and cause & effect skills training

- Best kit to teach kids basic rules of soccer. Play the robotic soccer games with kids to bring good memories

- Press the “Demo” button to make the bot sing and dance

- Fun and unique birthday & holiday presents for kids aged 5-12